Events for all Alumni

  • Seminars - Ongoing-Formation-Events (OFE)

For most of the alumni/ae the place where they are, is first and foremost defined by their family and professional life. Those two environments are the main focuses of their every day life, and for that reason this is also the place where they really can be men and women of depth, men and women with others and men and women for others.

Fully aware of the diversity of professional backgrounds in which alumni/ae can be active, ECJA is organizing seminars aimed at alumni/ae who are professionally active in their fields - banking & finance, medical sector, law and real estate & construction - to discuss topics of practical, scientific, ethical and spiritual interest regarding the meta-technical aspects of the practice of their profession. The discussions are preceded by an introduction by a professional and/or an academic.

Although the events are primarily aimed at alumni/ae who are professionally active in their professional field, it is also open to non-alumni/ae with a similar professional background, who are interested in the topics that will be discussed and to students in disciplines that prepare for a professional activity in this sector.

Seminar for Professionals working in the Finance and Banking Sector

Two seminars have been organized in Vienna for alumni working in the banking and finance sector:

To get the program and inscription form for the "FINANCE & SOCIAL JUSTICE" Seminar in Vienna, October 27-29, 2017, please contact the secretary of ECJA.

Seminar for Professionals working in the Medical Field

Three seminars have been organized in Paris for alumni working in the medical field:
read the summary of a participant in French or Italian !

Other planned seminars

for professionals active in politics, law and real estate & construction.

  • European Encounters / European Congresses and World Congresses

Encounters and congresses are regulary organized for all alumni/ae to stay in touch with each other and the spirit of the Society of Jesus which once took the responsibility of their education.
The events are usually organized by the local Jesuit Alumni association which has been selected to organize the event.

European Encounters September 2016 in Rome

The reports about the Pilgrimage Tour Gubbio to Assisi and the European Encounters 2016 of the Jesuit alumni can be found here.
Besides brief reports about the pilgrimage tour of the Jesuit alumni from
Gubbio to Assisi and the European Encounters, that page also contains links to :
- the official translation of Pope Francis’ address to the Jesuit alumni,
- a report about the Pope's address and an interview with 2 young participating alumni,
detailed information about the "European Encounters 2016 in Rome" - notes of the speakers etc.

European Congress 2011 in Budapest

The last European Congress was held in 2011 in Budapest.

World Congress 2017 in Cleveland

Read and watch videos about the World Congress in Cleveland 2017 from and IgnatianSolidarity!

World Congress 2022 in Barcelona

Read and see photos and presentations from the World Congress in Barcelona 2022

International Events of the Jesuit Society and of Institutions supported by them

  • Managing and Teaching Business Ethics

International Conference on Managing and Teaching Business Ethics, 13-16 May 2018

International Conference for business leaders who aim to strengthen both theoretical discourse and practice of corporate ethics.
Organizer: Lassalle Institute, Bad Schönbrunn, Switzerland.
For more information, please click here.