News from the Spanish Federation

Annual Meeting of the Spanish Federation 2019

The annual General Meeting of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Jesuits Alumni was held in Bilbao on June 8th 2019.
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The agenda included, the:

Appointment of the new National Board Members

Máximo Caturla - from the Inmaculada College in Alicante - has been elected as new President of the Spanish Federation.

World Congress 2021 in Barcelona

The sessions will begin on July 14th, with an Opening Eucharist at Sta. María del Mar Basilic to be presided by Father General and the Archbishop of Barcelona and will end on July 18th.
There will be a previous Pilgrimage from Loyola-Verdú-Montserrat-La Cova. This pilgrimage will be included in the celebration of the V Centennial of the Conversion of Saint Ignatius. It will be a meeting of young people where they will talk about reconciliation: between people, with the creation and with God.


World Union Congress in Barcelona from 14th to 18th July 2021

The 10th World Congress of Jesuit Alumni/ae takes place in Barcelona, from 14th to 18th July 2021.
You can download the official announcement
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You are very welcome to collaborate and share your ideas for making the Barcelona congress a milestone!
Write to the organizers at SARRIA SANT IGNASI: antics.santignasi@fje.edu

Watch the official video presentation ot the 2021 Congress in Barcelona ! Click here.
Download the presentation of Barcelona as host city for the World Union Congress in 2021


Results of the Jesuit Networking Global Survey

A Jesuit Networking initiative led by Entreculturas launched in 2017 a survey for better understanding the dynamics of collaboration in the worldwide mission of the Society of Jesus. The survey was answered by more than 2,700 people, including alumni, collaborators, Jesuits, professors/teachers, members of the Christian Life Community and other groups linked to the Jesuit Mission around the world.
The results help to understand the main factors that favor or hinder international collaboration.

Click here to see the results and / or to download them.

And click here to read about the conclusions on the website of Jesuit Networking.


Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ on the opportunities of Jesuit Education

In the interview with Educate Magis - after the International Congress of JESEDU (Jesuit Education) in Rio de Janeiro from October 15 to 20 October 2017 - Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ speaks about the opportunities of Jesuit Education. Fr General points out how Jesuit Schools have undergone an incredible, creative and bold process of renewal and how this process is still happening today in an even more challenging context.
The interview is in Spanish. You have the possibility to switch on subtitles, click on "CC" in the lower right corner of the video.


Two new ECJA Board Members

The General Assembly of ECJA elected in Glasgow the following persons to hold office till the end of the next 3 year term (as set by the statutes) 2018-2020:

Enrique Rebés President
Stephen Gatt Vice President
Juan Carlos Ovejero Vice President (new)
Sebastian Schindler Vice President (new)
Chris Thurlimann Secretary
Gianpaolo Marini Treasurer

Juan Carlos Ovejero will be responsible for maintaining and improving the connectivity with the Jesuit Alumni Confederations and the Jesuit institutions.
Sebastian Schindler will be responsible for maintaining and intensifying the contact to the Young Alumni. Starting February 2018, Sebastian will also be responsible for the social networks ECJA runs on Facebook and on Twitter.
The two new vice presidents replace François Marinx who has been greatly appreciated for all his contributions and strong engagement in ECJA.


Cleveland Congress Resolutions are out !

Cleveland Congress Resolutions

Read the Resolutions taken by the Jesuit alumni at the World Congress 2017 in Cleveland and published on 25 August 2017 by wuja.orga.

The John Caroll University in Cleveland

General Fr Arturo Sosa's message to the Jesuit Alumni

General Fr Arturo Sosa SJ at the World Congress 2017 in Cleveland (via life streaming from Rome):

“We are called to an attitude of encountering, getting out of our normal way of doing things, figuring out how to reach people where they are".

Fr General also emphasised the importance of collaboration and networking in light of the last General Congregation and invited the Jesuit alumni to think along these lines:

“Today we are more aware of the potential that we have if we work together. Our schools are attended by men and women from a great variety of socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. You have an incredible reach in the world and we can only dream of what you could do if the strong local associations were united at the level of strong national and regional associations that form an even stronger world association.”

More about the World Congress in Cleveland

Read a summary and watch the videos about the World Congress in Cleveland 2017 from jesuits.org and ignatiansolidarity.net !


2017 Global Jesuit Schools Map is available !

Global Network of Jesuit Schools

Educate Magis has recently released an updated version of the Jesuit Schools Global Map (version July 2017).
Take a look, print it out, hang it up and share within your school and/or organization.


Tribute to the Jesuit way of protecting human dignity - there is no quick fix to migration !

Dr Roberta Metsola's video message to the Jesuit Alumni at the Meeting of the European Confederation March 11th, 2017

Dr Metsola, member of the European Parliament from Malta, pays tribute to the Jesuit way of protecting human dignity above all and to the inspiration and work being done by JRS on migration, sometimes in very difficult conditions. There is no quick fix to migration. We need a sustainable long-term vision. Solidarity must be the principle upon which any action on migration is based. Metsola addresses measures and decisions to be taken by European Union and emphasizes that migration is above all a human issue: 'We cannot allow ourselves to become desensitised to the fact that migration is above all a human issue, with real people with real lives, with many running from real danger'.


Pope Francis to Jesuit alumni: ‘Hospitality and mercy against the drama of immigration’ !

Pope Francis to Jesuit alumni: ‘Hospitality and mercy against the drama of immigration’

Radio Vatican reports about Pope Francis' address to the Jesuit alumni present at the private audience in the Consistory Hall of the Vatican on September 17th, 2017:
Refugees and migrants are more than statistics, Pope Francis told members of the European Confederation and World Union of Jesuit Alumni and Alumnae; they are no different than our own family and friends.
The Jesuit group had been participating in a conference in Rome this week entitled “Global Migration and Refugee Crisis: Time to Contemplate and Act”.
In the face of tens of thousands of persons forcibly displaced worldwide, the Pope stressed that it is important to move beyond the statistics, and realize that migrants and refugees “are no different than our own family members and friends.” “Each of them has a name, a face, and a story,” the Holy Father said,” as well as an inalienable right to live ...