About ECJA

  • Who we are - and our Goals

The European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni/ae (ECJA) brings together former students of Jesuit colleges and universities who are living and working in Europe in order to help networking between these people, to contribute to the mission of the Society of Jesus and to promote the universal dynamic of Jesuit education.

ECJA and its parents' organisation WUJA want to federate and mobilize as many Alumni as possible - who are sensitive to the dimension of their education, men and women of depth who wish to be men and women with others as well as men and women for others in this global and dynamic world - by reaching them among others via alumni associations in Jesuit schools and universities, in national Jesuit alumni organisations and in local alumni groups based in major cities.

  • Management & Functioning

ECJA is run by a Board composed of a President, 5 Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Jesuit Counsellor. This Board is in charge of the tasks related to the organization management, inspiration and representation. The Board is also responsible for the communication within the movement.

Composition of the Board

    • President: Filipe Farelo (P) (Email)
    • Vice President: Stephen Gatt (MT) (Email)
    • Vice President: Juan Carlos Ovejero (E) (Email)
    • Vice President: Hans Hammerschmied (AT) (Email)
    • Vice President: Alain Deneef (BE) (Email)
    • Vice President: Akvilė Minčinkaitė (LI) (Email)
    • Jesuit Counsellor: Fr. Paweł Brożyniak SJ (PL) (Email)
    • Secretary: Boglárka Novella (HU) (Email)
    • Treasurer: Marc Dittmayer (GE) (Email)

Term president and vice presidents: fall 2022 to fall 2025;
Term treasurer:
spring 2022 to spring 2028;
Term secretary: fall 2022 to fall 2028.

Major lines for the action and the management of ECJA are set by the Delegates of the Jesuit Alumni Federations and Associations - which are Member of the European Confederation - in the General Assembly which takes place every year in spring and in fall.

  • Effective Members of ECJA - Member Federations and Associations

Jesuit alumni federations and Jesuit alumni associations - based in Europe - can become member of the European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni/ae (ECJA).

Click here to see the list of the actual Member Federations and Associations

  • Statutes

Click here to read the Statutes of the European Confederarion of Jesuit Alumni/ae.