Member Federations and Associations

The new ECJA was founded as ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif) at the founding act in Vienna, 24 September 2022.
Official status till registration in Brussels, Belgium and publication in the Moniteur Belge: "ASBL in formation".

Austria Altkalksburger Vereinigung (Homepage)

Belgium North Federation* (Homepage)

(*) did not yet join the new ECJA; is very welcome to join at the meeting in Gdynia, Poland, 5-7 May 2023.

Belgium South Federation (Homepage)

  • Local associations (link)

  • Board members (link)

British Federation

  • President
    Bernard Thompson (Email)

  • Spiritual Counselor
    Kevin Fox (Email)

  • Vice President
    Paul Rogers (Email)

  • Treasurer
    Bernard Thompson (Email)

  • Secretary
    Ian Gordon (Email)

French Federation (Homepage)

German Federation - Stellaner Vereinigung Deutschlands (Homepage)

Hungarian Federation

  • President
    András Pünkösty (Email)

  • Vice President

    Luca Nagy (Email)

Irish Federation

  • President
    John Treacy, Belvedere College (Email)

  • Spiritual Counselor
    Peter Sexton SJ, Trinity College (Email)

  • Secretary / Treasurer
    John O'Reilly, Belvedere College (Email)

  • Committee
    Tony White, Cresent College (Email)
    Andrew Lynch, Clongowes Wood College (Email)
    Paul Keelan, Gonzaga College (Email)

  • Young Alumni/ae
    John McHugh (Email)

Euro Mediterranean Federation of Jesuit Alumni - EUM Federation (Homepage)

Lithuanian Federation (Homepage)

  • President Federation
    Justina Svirskaitė (Email)

  • Presidents Alumni Associations
    Kaunas - Rokas Gerbutavicius (Email)
    Vilnius - Paulius Narušis (Email)

  • Members

Maltese Federation (Homepage)

Polish Federation

  • President
    Magdalena Czech (Email)

  • Spiritual Councelor
    Michal Gutkowski SJ (Email)

  • Youth President
    Joanna Bratek (Email)

Portuguese Federation

  • President Associação dos Antigos Alunos do Colégio de São João de Brito (Homepage)
    Filipe Farelo (Email)

Spanish Federation (Homepage)

Swiss Association - Stellaner Vereinigung Schweiz (Homepage)